Youth Counseling

-Australian Maronite Youth Diocesan Council – MYDC


The Maronite Youth Diocesan Council (MYDC) is the official youth body of the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Australia. The MYDC functions as the official, federal association of Maronite youth from across the Australian Maronite Eparchy. It operates to instil & foster relations between the youth committees of the eparchy’s parishes & the youth of the church as a whole.

It is comprised of the coordinators and representatives from the various Parish Youth Committees and the wider youth, known as delegates, who form the council. The council is led by the Chairperson and the Executive, who coordinate and administer the council under the direction and support of the Diocesan Youth Chaplain and the Episcopal Vicar for Youth, who appoints the Chairperson and the Executive. As a diocesan body, it is commissioned by His Lordship, the Maronite Eparch, who oversees the council.


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