white-stoneEstablished in 2011, White Stone addresses the growing need for addiction recovery services within Eastern Christian communities.

Catering to the cultural needs of these communities is our primary focus, tailoring our services to break through the cultural barriers that so often limit access to life-changing treatment.

With this in mind, our services will always remain accessible to the wider community.

We are in the process of opening a residential centre, in which individuals will reside and receive treatment in order to strengthen their sobriety, minimise risk of relapse, and repair familial/societal relationships.

The centre will primarily cater to individuals who:
-have been affected by addiction;
-are no longer participating in their addictive behaviour;
-are seeking assistance to maintain long-term sobriety and become active contributing members of society;
-have voluntarily chosen to participate in the White Stone programme and its encased therapeutic activities;

Our centre will aim for self-sufficiency, through the use of renewable energy to the use of agriculture in growing our own food source, minimising our impact on the environment and contributing to the efficiency of the community.

In summary, the effects of this centre will assist individuals in maintaining long-term sobriety from their past addictive behaviours, repair family relationships, build life and work skills, significantly lower hospitalisation and crime rates, and be a significant positive contribution to the world we live in, and future generations.

To him who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a WHITE STONE, with a new name written on the stone which no one knows except him who receives it.” – Rev 2:17

We CONQUER the battle of addiction, SAVE lives, STRENGTHEN souls.

As we truly believe in the inner strength and resilient nature of the human spirit, by God’s Grace we will see lives lifted from the depths of despair and reborn into the fullness of life, freed from addiction. We will see minds renewed, bodies revitalized, hearts repaired, souls reignited, dignity restored, families reunited, and communities reconnected.

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