seeds-of-hope-logoIn addition to our Counseling Services,  Seeds of Hope is a MaroniteCare initiative that aims to address mental health in a new light that will foster a better understanding and cooperation of mental health in our community. Seeds of Hope will pave the way to enlightening Maronite youth and families as well as validate the existence of mental health conditions in the society. Through education, professional support and awareness, Seeds of Hope strives to deliver peace of mind and guidance in times of mental and emotional distress from a young age.

Seeds of Hope proposes to offer recovery, early intervention and prevention, relief, and educational and professional support to our youth; which are more highly affected by mental health issues surrounding school, university, work and family life. Building a foundation for our youth, free of social stigmas and focused on hope and faith, is a forerunner in the mission to care for our youth and their well-being.  Seeds of Hope will direct individuals to the right health services to prevent alternative unsafe methods of managing mental health, especially in times of distress.

Seeds of Hope proves to increase and support greater awareness around mental health issues, provide the professional health services, and form networks within the community regarding Maronite Youth. Seeds of Hope aims to provide constant support and help to those with mental health issues by organising a range of services i.e. educational seminars, workshops, support groups, accessible resources and much more to the youth. The main mission statement is to ENRICH, EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE young Maronite’s by providing them with high-quality resources addressing mental health, and delving deeper into their hearts to experience a true sense of healing, as well as support services and networks to assist them on their journey to recovery.Through fun, informative and educational events throughout  our Maronite community, Seeds of Hope has been slowly planting and cultivating understanding and awareness of mental health and the severe effects it has had on the youth.

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