seeds-of-hope-logoSeeds of Hope is a MaroniteCare initiative of combined efforts of dedicated counsellors and volunteers to enrich, empower and encourage Maronite youth. The program consists of monthly gatherings over the year with emphasis on the month of October (Mental Health Month) where weekly gatherings are organised. These gatherings consist of a range of services i.e. educational seminars, workshops, support groups, real life testimonies, accessible resources and much more to the youth. Topics include alcohol and drug addictions, pornography addiction, suicide, self-harm, violence, anxiety and depression, healthy lifestyle, bullying and much more.

In these services, youth meet around targeted topics to address mental health in a new light and to foster a better understanding of mental health in to the youth of our community. With the presence of counsellors and trained volunteers on site, young people have an initial face-to-face casual encounter with someone to approach with their issues. This encounter plants in them the Seeds of Hope as they are guided to courageously act to break their silent suffering and to seek professional help and counselling.

By building a foundation for Maronite youth, free of social stigmas and focused on hope and faith, our mission is to care for our youth and their well-being.  Seeds of Hope directs individuals to the right health services to prevent alternative unsafe methods of managing mental health, especially in times of distress.  It offers recovery, early intervention and prevention, relief, and educational and professional support to Maronite youth, specifically targeting the highly affected by mental health issues surrounding school, university, work and family life. Seeds of Hope’s outstanding work, through education, professional support and awareness, delivers peace of mind and guidance in times of mental and emotional distress striking from a young age.

Seeds of Hope proves to increase and support greater awareness around mental health issues, provide the professional health services, and form networks within the community regarding Maronite Youth. With its main mission statement ENRICH, EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE, young Maronites are provided with high-quality resources addressing mental health, and delving deeper into their hearts to experience a true sense of healing, as well as support services and networks to assist them on their journey to recovery.

Through fun, informative and educational events throughout our Maronite community, Seeds of Hope has been slowly planting and cultivating understanding and awareness of mental health and the severe effects it has had on the youth.

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